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It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. 

Joanne K.Rowling

Define your motivations using the √ip2A test : inventory of personality, adaptability, assertiveness. √ip2A is a precursor inventory of your personality. Developed by the Institut of Neurocognitivism, √ip2A is the result of sixteen years of research made by the Institut de Médecine Environnementale, which have cast new light on the ways of working of the human being, his decision-making process, and the influence of these on his behaviour.


√ip2A is based on the Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach (A.N.C), a dynamic model synthesizing different psychological disciplines and approaches, with behavioural and cognitive therapies, and neuroscience (science of the brain). √ip2A is an online questionnaire that allows, through 1200 variables, to highlight the motivations of an individual and evaluates their resistance (solidity, durability, resistance to failure). It measures:

  • Driving forces
  • Obstacles to motivation, and weak-willed motivations
  • Affirmation of one’s self
  • Adaptability or ability to use in real time resources of the prefrontal zone of the brain (source of our superior intelligence)
  • zone of the brain (source of our superior intelligence)

To perform a √ip2A test, the approach proposed by If Conseil is the following:


    • An interview (also by phone if required) to define objectives and expectations – Duration : 1 hour.
    • If Conseil sends an internet link, to access the platform allowing to perform the online test. Expected duration: 1h30.
    • Debrief of results, organized by If Conseil. 2 working sessions of 2 to 3h

Diagnostic tools may be proposed during this phase.