"It's generally much easier to kill an organization than to change it substantially." - Kevin Kelly

Our areas of intervention

We work in the field of Human Resources in particular to:

  • Define your vision and/or HR strategy
  • Establish an inventory of your human resources practices and an action plan to strengthen them
  • Align your human resources policy in line with your organization’s mission
  • Strengthen the management skills of your teams to develop the performance of your organization
  • Support to groups and teams
  • Developing soft skills (self-knowledge, interpersonal communication …)

Example of assignments

  • Inventory of your human resources practices
  • Development of your human resources strategy and recommendations for implementation
  • Setting up an approach to reinforce the development of your teams
  • HR Project Management
  • Construction of a managerial approach
  • Support of groups or teams
  • Team Coaching
  • Co-development workshop
  • Construction of a managerial approach, a training program linked to the development of managerial skills
  • Construction of training program and customized development to develop self-knowledge, interpersonal communication …


“As part of our expansion and the creation of human resources, Auchan Retail Luxembourg has decided to work with Isabelle to support our management team. The program driven to mobilize our managers, has inspired them the desire to progress and especially to support their teams. Everyone’s commitment has been strengthened in order to achieve our ambitions.”

Philippe Oger

DRH Auchan Retail Luxembourg