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Our support can be delivered , as face-to-face working sessions,or via telephone or Skype

If you feel like you’re too small to be able to change something, try to sleep with a mosquito…
and you’ll see which of the two prevents the other from sleeping

Le Dalaï-Lama

Some examples of challenges where coaching can support:


  • Successfully onboard a new job, or a change in responsibility
  • Overcome a difficult moment in your professional life
  • Giving a sense of purpose to your professional choices
  • Achieve challenging objectives and have your team engaged on them
  • Strengthen your position in your organization


  • Better understand what drives you, and your skills
  • Develop your self-esteem
  • Manage stress in a difficult situation
  • Take a necessary step back in a complex situation
  • Prendre de la distance sur une situation complexe

The main stages of a coaching process:

A first meeting between the coach and the client allows to define: expectations and needs of the client, context of the request, objectives as formulated by the client, expected results, specific requirements for the coach. Following this meeting, if there is a mutual agreement to work together, a contract will be formalized.

If the individual coaching is sponsored by a company, a three-party meeting is foreseen, gathering the client, his/her manager, the coach (and a human resources manager where applicable). This meeting defines the coaching framework for all involves parties.

The coaching itself concentrates on working through the objectives defined at the beginning of the process. In individual coaching, sessions last around 2 hours. Depending on the objectives, 3 to 8 sessions are proposed. In collective coaching, the approach is defined based on the agreed objectives.

Closing off the coaching is key for the approach, in order to allow the client to integrate and stabilize the learning’s and changes he/she’s gone through. For a company-sponsored coaching, a close out session is foreseen, with the same people as in the three-party meeting mentioned above, where the client presents his findings and feedback.


“ Isabelle’s work in a few words: discretion, active listening, understanding, accessibility, interactivity and projective support. But Isabelle is first and foremost a great professional. What makes her unique is her love for coaching and for the human being in all his/her environments. It’s not a fashion. And as a client you feel it, and it nourishes you all along the sessions, and for a long time. I do deeply recommend her; ”.


Financial sector

” Isabelle’s coaching contributions have been multiple, both at the level of personal assessment and of techniques and tools for management development. Following exchanges based on concrete and practical cases, I’ve openly evaluated the points to be worked on, and they’ve been developed along the different sessions. Isabelle has established a constructive relationship, based on trust, that, associated with her advice, have allowed me to implement concretely the development actions in my daily activity. The results of Isabelle’s coaching have been very positive. In fact, I’ve managed to grow in my function and take new responsibilities in my company ”


Insurance Company