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" Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success " - Henry Ford

How Team Coaching Works and Sample Issues

In team coaching, we are there to accompany a team in the achievement of its objectives and in the development of its potential, facilitating a better functioning within the team.
Team Coaching is a powerful tool for developing collective intelligenc and collective performance in a sustainable way.

How does team coaching work?

The first step is to define the goal of Team Coaching, usually with the leader of the team. Once the objective has been defined, support is provided over a period of several months and is organized around workshops, the themes and objectives of which are defined with the leader and the team. In general, coaching is done on 5 to 7 coaching workshops. As a Coach, we adapt to what the group produces and asks for.


Examples of challenges for team coaching


  • Improving the cohesion of the team
  • Better collaborating and working together
  • Align team with vision, shared mission
  • Building trust between team members