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Quite a few educated men ignore that the only way to change ideas is to change actions.”


What is a skills assessment?

A skills assessment is meant to drive change and professional development. This personalized support allows to assess your professional career, identifying your professional and personal skills, as well as your capacity and motivations. Following this step, you’ll develop one or more professional projects.

Approach to achieve a skills assessment

The skills assessment is provided in the form of individual workshops (face to face or skype), over a period that can range from 2 to 6 months, and which includes 20 hours of support and 3 phases:

The “preliminary” phase or the definition of the need

Defining your expectations and objectives. Duration: 1 to 2 hours

The “investigation” phase

Analysing your professional and personal career to identify your skills and personality traits, your motivations, centres of interest, your resources and working relationships. Some diagnostic tools can be proposed during this phase. Duration: 10 to 12 hours

The phase of “conclusion” or definition of the professional project

Based on the information formalised during the investigation phase, structuring of your professional project. As part of this, we could also propose interviews with professionals. At this stage we also identify the main steps to implement your project, and its key success factors. During this phase, we develop a synthesis document, showing the key points of your career, the project developed, and the identified action plan to implement it. Duration: 6 to 8 hours


” Isabelle has supported me as part of a skills assessment (…) This in-depth work on me has been very enriching.” Isabelle has undoubtedly the technical skills but also the human qualities extremely valuable to accompany this work of self-knowledge in depth. Isabelle has also been a very valuable supporter since the end of the assessment, to validate my professional project, until obtaining my first job in my new field! “

A. T.

Visual Merchandiser

” The skills assessment that I carried out with Isabelle was a key moment in my professional career. Her ability in listening and adapting herself to my needs, make this assessment truly tailor-made and adapted over the sessions as needed. This work on myself and on my experiences allowed me to realize that I was ready to retrain.
Thanks to different tools and techniques used by Isabelle, I was able to synthesize my career and my skills and acquire new ones for my professional retraining.
My goal to reconcile professional and personal life more harmoniously has never been closer, thank you. “

Céline M.

” Isabelle demonstrates great transparency and honesty towards her clients and their expectations as well as great humanity in her approach and in her daily customer follow-up. Attention to detail in soft skills as well as hard skills, as well having very rich professional experience. Her natural ability to perceive whoever she has in front of her and quickly tells what she can or not do for them. Moreover, she will never tell you what to do, but instead will will guide you in order to find your professional career. “


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