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In coaching

If, Conseil & Coaching in Luxembourg & Switzerland can provide you with personalized support for both individual and group sessions, enabling you to :

  • take a different look at the present to prepare for the future
  • find your own solutions to the difficulties you encounter
  • deepen your understanding of yourself (one-on-one) or of how you work together (in a group)
  • improve your individual or collective performance

The result is a long-term, learning process.

What does coaching actually mean?

"Coaching is both a relationship between two protagonists, and a process that helps a person or team to become aware of their preferred ways of operating, with the aim of overcoming the situation in which they find themselves. It's about rekindling personal or collective creativity.

Reine-Marie Halbout

Our skills and yours

A professional coach is a guide for any person or organization seeking change and evolution. Change or evolution for an individual or for a team.

You've defined your objectives, you're wondering what to do next, you feel it's time to evolve or change, but you don't know how or where to start... The coach
brings a fresh perspective to your problem, your company, its people and its organization. His or her experience and skills guarantee personalized, human support for all: a different approach enables us to perceive what hinders or prevents collective and individual achievements.

Our customer and our work

A company's needs are many and varied, and our coaches have a wealth of experience in providing individual and collective support in all areas, from finance and legal to distribution and logistics, from industry to consulting and services, in the private and public sectors, and whatever the size of the company (VSE, SME or large-scale organization). 

To speed up the process of taking up a new position, improve a relational situation, develop team effectiveness, support the development of a professional sector within an existing structure, reorganize a branch of activity: our professional coaches adapt to your objectives, drawing on their expertise in their approach.
Systematics applied to the business world, neurocognitive and behavioral approaches, solutions focused approach and coaching tools: skills and approaches derived from high-quality, recognized training courses, put at the service of individuals and companies to help you open up the field of possibilities while overcoming your difficulties.

Coaching in Luxembourg & Switzerland, and other personalized services offered by If, Conseil & Coaching

Individual coaching

The coach works face-to-face with the client. This type of coaching is designed for executives, managers, project leaders and experts within an organization, as well as for employees seeking personal and professional development. The coach can help you to lead a team with enthusiasm and efficiency, position yourself as a team leader, ease tensions within a group, manage a difficult personality because it is suffering, or reorient your own career. 

The coach uses a relevant questioning system, without deciding for the client, to encourage reflection and creativity, maximizing personal and professional potential. 

Team coaching

This type of coaching can be applied to management, cross-functional or operational teams. The coach fosters awareness of how the group functions, with its diverse personalities and functions. He or she helps the team to identify for themselves what may be facilitating or counter-productive to their development and effectiveness within the company. The aim is to foster group cohesion through interaction and the creation of a common, shared team vision, because we're stronger together and when we're all looking in the same direction. 

Skills Assessment

Reflecting on your personal career path, giving a new impetus to your professional life, confirming or discovering your skills and aptitudes in a particular field or because a coaching session has revealed them? The skills assessment program offered by If, Conseil & Coaching is a genuine professional development program, as structured as it is structuring the career of an employee or an individual.

HR consulting or professional training

Our company, If, Conseil & Coaching, can also support managers and HR directors in their HR policy, change management and organizational thinking. 

In addition, our coach-trainers offer training courses in French and English, in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Interpersonal communication, management, stress management in the workplace, discovering your own personality traits using tools that are as specific as they are entertaining, conflict management by learning to react and act differently, and workshops for sharing managerial practices are just some of the training topics offered by our firm. However, customized training is our added value, enabling us to adapt to the challenges and needs of our customers.

The quality of a professional coach

A person you can trust 

Our customers entrust us with assignments that involve getting to the heart of how their business operates. Our coaches have a wealth of interpersonal skills. They know how to create a solid relationship based on trust, a guarantee of fluidity in terms of communication and confidentiality, and how to welcome emotions and awareness within a secure framework of non-judgment and empathy. 

Lucid, perceptive and able to outwit the psychological games inherent in any relationship, our coaches accompany their customers at every stage of their professional lives.

An innovative and versatile coach: Isabelle Ferlin

Founder of If, Conseil & Coaching, a firm with offices in Paris, Luxembourg and Switzerland, Isabelle Ferlin has been committed to the development of people and organizations for nearly 30 years. As a Master Coach, Trainer, Supervisor and Facilitator, she supports her customers with the benefit of her experience and skills acquired in a wide range of fields (marketing, auditing, export and human resources), as well as having created a rich and varied range of training and coaching services that are beneficial to any manager or company concerned with the development of its human capital, or any individual wishing to experience coaching that will make the difference for the rest of his or her career.

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