Luxembourg, Switzerland, France

"Be yourself, the others are already taken."
Oscar Wilde

" HPI (Haut Potentiel Intellectuel)" or " gifted " or " precocious" are terms that attempt to describe a different way of thinking and being.

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As part of the " Gifted, High Potentials " professional network, we offer personalized, one-to-one coaching.

Examples of topics covered:

  • Better understand the notion of "HPI" and what it means for you
  • Better understand how it works 
  • How to feel better as an HPI in the workplace
  • Help you think about and/or make decisions about your career choices

Les Coloriés

We've been running the "Les Coloriés Luxembourg" network since 2019. For more information: Les Coloriés international network

This network (not an association) of local groups has been in existence for some ten years. It was created in France by Fabrice Micheau.

The purpose of this group is to enable the exchange of content between members of the Les Coloriés Group. It's reserved for tested and untested atypicals. We'll be able to share resources, articles, information, projects (or jokes that only we can laugh at) and get to know each other better. Participation is free and without obligation.

Is coaching right for you?

Problems encountered...

Perfectionism, self-deprecation, impostor syndrome: people with the "HPI" profile doubt their own successes and go so far as to credit them to luck or the help of others. Some even see themselves as usurpers. Seemingly nonsensical, given their talent for solving all kinds of problems, but it's precisely because they're so easy and don't put in the effort that they devalue themselves. This questioning can lead to a lack of self-confidence, difficulty in making choices, difficulty in understanding themselves... among other things!

What coaching can do for you 

Coaching is a secure space in which you can put forward your questions and issues. It enables you to identify what can help you, what you can control, to change the way you look at your career path and your talents, to confront your ideas, and perhaps even to overcome certain beliefs? 

If, Consulting & Coaching for HPI

Our company is part of the professional network "Gifted, Surdoués, hauts potentiels" and provides personalized support for HPIs.

Career guidance, career strategy, well-being in the workplace, understanding the workings of the gifted: these are just some of the issues we can support, drawing on our skills and experience. 

We ourselves have been trained to support atypical people by Fabrice Micheau, an internationally recognized expert on giftedness..


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