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" When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves "
Viktor Frankl

Some major challenges in the enterprise – our answer

Daily, you live the enterprise of today and its transversal organizations, in which collaboration and participative ways of working are essential, and where agility is a key skill. It means that the success of organizations and of their ways of working relies essentially on the interactions and communication among people.

IF Conseil & Coaching proposes programs to better understand and live these challenges, to contribute to the success of your organization. We blend a bit of theory with lots of practice, classical and less classical approaches, coaching and training, leveraging our real-life experience and our expertise in supporting women and men in enterprises.

Our programs are pragmatic, bringing tools and operational approaches, they are action oriented, and enable a real change in people.

A tailored offer

Our force and our value added is developing tailored programs for our clients.

We analyze your needs and challenges and propose a fitting and innovating solution. This approach allows to integrate real-life cases from your line of business or sector.

We have a pragmatic practice: what is true, is what works! !

Our teaching, based on experimenting through experiential exercises (individual, in sub-groups or as a team) and through theoretical input, builds on:

  • Multiple approaches: Narrative Practice, Solution-Focus, Systemic approach, Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach, Communication Model, Sophro-relaxation, Cardiac Coherence,…
  • Internationally recognized tools like the MBTI® and the Emotional Intelligence questionnaire

We intervene co-facilitating, which allows for a real support of participants; we can facilitate in French and English.

Our existing offer

We can also propose following existing programs:

If Conseil

A training program over 2 or 3 days, to develop interpersonal communication and emotional skills, to have better fitting relationships in the company.


  • Effectively communicate in one’s professional activity.
  • Choose a positive attitude and understand the implications on self and on relationship with others
  • Understand emotions management process, and their role in interactions, in order to better read own emotions and adapt them in a professional context.
  • Identify what’s important for you in a professional situation.

More info: Com’Agile

Next session(s): :

  • Paris : 10 & 11 October 2018 (in French)

If Conseil


  • Identify and understand your way of working and interaction with others.
  • Better understand the workings of counterparts.
  • Manage key professional stakes like communication, personal organization or decision-taking based on one’s personality type.
  • Define an individual action plan.

More info : Programme MBTI Discovery 

If Conseil


  • Identify and understand your own personal values and their impact in professional life.
  • Understand your preferred ways of working in different professional activities, like communication, personal organization or decision-taking.
  • Mieux comprendre le fonctionnement de ses interlocuteurs
  • Clarify own professional identity.
  • Define an individual action plan.

More info : Programme MBTI Agile

If Conseil

A program to understand what stress is, prevent it and act to regulate it.
This program can be held as 2-hour modules over more weeks, or in a 2-day format.