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Luxembourg, Switzerland, France

"What's in front of us and what we leave behind is nothing compared to what's inside us. And when we bring into the world what has been sleeping within us, miracles happen." Henry David Thoreau

Our business

The development of organizations and people is at the heart of If, Conseil & Coaching's business.

If, Conseil & Coaching supports its customers in a human, personalized and innovative way.

Our ambition: to make a difference for our customers!

Whether coaching or consulting, our support is personalized, taking into account the situation and needs of our customers. We draw on our extensive professional expertise in management and leadership, project management, change management, and individual and team coaching. 

One of our convictions is that each and every one of us can progress and change as long as we have the desire to do so. Solution-oriented, we work with our customers to help them identify what they can rely on to move forward and overcome the difficulties they face, while enabling them to open up new fields of action.

Approach & Tools

"Methods are the habits of the mind and the economies of memory" A. de Rivarol
In our practice, we rely on different approaches and tools that we choose according to the request, the need, the situation...

Solution Focused Approach

Solution Focused appraoch is a method centered on customer solutions, developed in the 50s in the United States as part of the Palo Alto School. This practice enables new possibilities for change to be found for people and organizations. Unlike the traditional approach, which focuses on the problem and the reasons why it exists, Solutions Orientation helps the customer to identify possible, acceptable alternatives for solving the problems at hand.

By focusing on strong issues and the here and now, Solutions Focused approach enables short interventions with visible and lasting benefits. This approach is particularly useful for individuals and organizations seeking concrete solutions to complex problems.

30 years of experience serving organizations and individuals, our latest article in Forbes


If, Conseil & Coaching and its founder Isabelle Ferlin were featured in a recent Forbes article. 

This article highlights our commitment to excellence in the practice of our different professions: coaching, training, supervision and consulting. It also highlights our adaptive approach to contemporary professional challenges, as well as the ethics and deontology of our practice. 

Find out how our expertise and solutions-oriented approach contribute to professional and organizational development in a constantly changing world by reading the full Forbes article !

If, Conseil & Coaching specializes in human accompaniment...

Everyone has the capacity to move forward, to grow and to evolve, as soon as the decision to do so is taken. If, Conseil & Coaching adapts its professional coaching tools to the challenges faced by companies, to help them achieve this evolution.

If, Conseil & Coaching: Who are we?

If, Conseil & Coaching specializes in helping companies and individuals develop their potential and achieve sustainable growth.

Headed by Isabelle Ferlin, If, Conseil & Coaching, offers human resources consulting services, personalized coaching and training programs to help customers achieve their goals, and skills assessments to help them define their career plans. 

If, Conseil & Coaching is based in Luxembourg, and as part of its development also covers Switzerland, in particular Geneva and Lausanne, and France, in particular Paris.

The role of If, Conseil & Coaching is to analyze the needs of the company or individual, identify the obstacles and challenges to be overcome, and propose innovative, personalized, pragmatic and relevant solutions to achieve the objectives set. These solutions can take a variety of forms, including strategic recommendations, coaching or training programs, action plans, career management advice and more. Our support can help you make better decisions, identify new opportunities, or improve your profitability.

We draw on direct business experience and solid expertise in coaching, management and leadership, communication and training. We use a variety of tools and approaches, adapted to the challenges and contexts of our customers. With international experience, we operate in a wide range of sectors (industry, service, banking and finance, education, etc.). Our customers can be large or small companies, public or private sector organizations, associations, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, experts or individuals.

We're quick and pragmatic. Above all, we aim to make a difference for our customers!

If, Conseil & Coaching helps its customers to achieve their goals through a wide range of services such as :

workshop facilitation

team building