Coaching d'équipe au Luxembourg

En coaching d’équipe, nous sommes la pour accompagner une équipe dans l’atteinte de ses objectifs et dans le développement de son potentiel, en facilitant un fonctionnement meilleur au sein de l’équipe.
Le Coaching d’équipe au Luxembourg est un outil puissant pour développer l’intelligence collective et la performance collective de façon durable.

Let's get to know each other better

Focus sur le coaching d’équipe au Luxembourg

In team coaching, we are there to support a team in achieving its objectives and developing its potential, by facilitating better team functioning. Team coaching is a powerful tool for developing collective intelligence and collective collective performance performance.

Le recours à un coaching d’entreprise peut être envisagé par toutes les entreprises désirant augmenter la performance et le bien être de leurs équipes. 

Why set up team coaching?

More and more companies are opting for team coaching because of the many benefits it brings. The process enables people towork together more effectively to achieve shared goals. Coaching also helps participants to better know/understand their own functioning and that of other team members. This personalized support also strengthens group cohesion, as it enables employees to commit to a common, shared vision.

The benefits of team coaching are undeniable. In addition to strengthening the individual potential of employees, this support promotes collective synergy and team cohesion, which in turn helps toperformance and well-being.

Example of topics that can be worked on during team coaching: 

  • Define the mission of a team or project;
  • Identify the causes of malfunctions;
  • Consolidate your position as a team leader or manager;
  • Clarifying team values ; 
  • Define team operating modes;
  • Clarify missions and responsibilities within a team;
  • Streamlining communication ;
  • Improve departmental operations and team dynamics.

When should team coaching be used?

Tailored to the specific needs of each team, team coaching is particularly useful when as part of a change of manager change of manager or team leader, change of strategy, cultural transformation, etc. The coach will adapt the coaching program to involve the whole team in the change.

Examples of contexts in which team coaching can be used : 

  • Launch of a transformation project to improve internal organization;
  • Setting up new work processes ;
  • Optimizing communication and decision-making ;
  • Internal problem-solving and conflict resolution. 

How does team coaching work?

The first step is to define the objective of team coaching, usually with the team leader.

Once the objective has been defined, support takes place over a period of several months and is organized around coaching workshops, the themes and objectives of which are defined with the leader and the team. In general, support takes the form of 5 to 7 coaching workshops, over several months.

As Coach, we adapt to what the group produces and demands.

Depending on your objectives, we can design a long-term coaching program or a one-off intervention. Of course, the program and the services offered will vary according to your choice:

One-off intervention

This type of intervention enables us to draw up an operating report or diagnosis aimed at improving the functioning of an organization, a department or a team. The intervention can have several components:

  • Diagnosis of team functioning ;
  • Strategic seminar to determine a structure's vision and mission;
  • Team building or training to strengthen human bonds and team cohesion;
  • Themed workshop to focus on the steps needed to develop team maturity and performance. 

Intervention over several months

In this case, coaching can be spread over several months, like individual coaching. The support provided will help to anchor the team's progress and learning. 

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