Individual Coaching
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"If you feel you're too small to change anything, try sleeping with a mosquito... and see which one keeps the other awake."

The Dalai Lama

Our individual coaching approach provides professional, experienced and human support to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

What is individual coaching?

For If, Conseil & Coaching, Coaching means personalized support enabling the coachee to :

- to take a different look at life, in order to prepare for the future,

- to find its own solutions to the difficulties it encounters,

- learn more about the company and how it works, 

- improve individual performance and well-being.

Our professional coaches, trained, accredited or certified to use a wide range of coaching tools and approaches, offer a safe space for the coachee to ask the questions that will enable them to move forward, work on blocking issues, and identify what they need to change. We also offer team coaching.   

Examples of issues that can be addressed
with individual coaching

If, Conseil & Coaching relies on the professionalism and experience of its coaches to achieve the objectives of its customers' employees.

The questions addressed in coaching can be, for example: 

  • Make a success of taking up a new position or changing responsibilities
  • Getting through a difficult period in your professional life
  • Giving meaning back to your career
  • Finding your bearings in a complex professional transition phase
  • Achieve ambitious goals and get your team on board
  • Assert its position within the organization
  • Gain a better understanding of your motivations and talents
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Manage stress in difficult situations
  • Take a step back from a complex situation

The main stages in a coaching process:

An initial meeting between the coach and the person to be coached to clarify their needs, the context of the request, their expectations of the coaching, the expected results, and their specific expectations of the coach.

 At the end of this meeting, if there is mutual agreement to work together, a contract will be formalized.

As part of an individual coaching program offered by a company, a tripartite interview including the coachee, his/her manager, the coach and, if necessary, a human resources person. This meeting frames the coaching process for all parties involved.

The coaching stage enables us to work on the objectives established and validated at the start of the process. Individual coaching sessions last 2 hours. Depending on the objectives, 3 to 10 sessions will be proposed.

At the end of the coaching session, time is devoted to closing the process to enable the coachee to anchor what has been learned and the changes implemented.

As part of the individual coaching offered by a company, a debriefing meeting is held with the same participants as the tripartite interview held beforehand. It is mainly the coachee who presents his or her assessment.

To go further, different types of individual coaching

Individual job coaching

Integrating a new company or taking up a new position can be a real challenge. The pressure to succeed, the anxiety of not being up to the job, the discovery of a new corporate culture and new colleagues can disorient newcomers whether they are beginners or experienced in the field. 

The intervention of a professional coach helps the coachee to easily decode his new environment, to interact with the environment and to develop a greater sense of adaptation.

Individual personal development coaching

You know deep down that you have the skills you need for the job you're doing, but you can't quite put your values, your unique contribution, your talents and skills, or your professional identity into words? 

Individual personal development coaching will help you to develop a global approach that is consistent with your resources, and will enable you to occupy your position and achieve your mission aligned and in well-being...  

Individual career coaching

Lee individual career coaching is about helping you build a career project that makes sense in terms of who you are, what's important to you, what drives and motivates you.

Individual executive coaching

Our coaches work with managers who are often alone with themselves, questioning or even doubting themselves, and dealing with complex issues. The coach offers them a secure, non-judgmental space in which to confront their issues and work on their posture.  

The coach's tools

The coach is first and foremost a person whose background, experience and personality make all the difference. He relies on approaches and tools. 

At If, Conseil & Coaching, the tools and approaches we use are adapted to the challenges, organizations and people involved.

If, Conseil & Coaching, uses a variety of approaches, including : 

  • The system
  • The theory of change
  • Solution Focused approach
  • Narrative practices
  • The neurocognitive and behavioral approach

Our coaches use basic tools such as : 

  • Active listening
  • Questioning
  • The confrontation

They also use tools such as : 

  • Personality questionnaire : MBTI® : Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® : Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® : Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Motivation questionnaire: profil'INC
  • Emotional intelligence questionnaire
  • Questionnaire on conflict management modes : TKI: Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument


"I was coming out of an untenable professional situation. My first contact with Isabelle was pleasant and natural. I experienced unheard-of sessions with a lot of emotion, and I left each session shaken and upset. To sum up Isabelle's work in a few words: discretion, listening, understanding, accessibility, interactivity and guidance with projection. But above all, Isabelle is a consummate professional. And what sets her apart above all is her love of coaching and of human beings in all their environments. this is not a fad. And we, as clients or patients, feel it, experience it and nourish it over the course of our sessions for a long time to come. I highly recommend it.
Financial sector
"Isabelle's coaching provided me with a wide range of personal assessment and management development tools and techniques. In an open manner and following various exchanges based on concrete, practical cases, I assessed the points to be worked on, which were developed in the various sessions. Isabelle was able to establish a trusting and constructive relationship which, combined with her advice, enabled me to concretely implement improvement actions in my day-to-day activities. The results of Isabelle's coaching are very positive. Indeed, I have been able to progress in my role and take on new responsibilities in my company".
Insurance company

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