Conseil RH au Luxembourg : adapter sa stratégie et ses pratiques aux enjeux de l’entreprise

"An organization is first and foremost a set of human behaviors." François Dupu

The field of Human Resources is complex, and it's often difficult to observe situations in order to take action. To implement concrete, effective actions, you need to know where to go and what aspects to work on. 

Chez If, Conseil & Coaching, nous vous proposons un accompagnement personnalisé avec le Conseil RH au Luxembourg que nous construisons sur base de vos enjeux et besoins pour vous permettre d’avancer centré et confiant dans cette complexité .

Our added value

We intervene to develop the performance of your organization by integrating the well-being of the men and women who work there.
We tailor our intervention to your challenges, your context and your needs, working with you to build the most appropriate intervention framework.

We can diagnose your Human Resources practices and bring an outside perspective to bear on them, provide coaching to help you better understand your company's HR challenges and how to address them, facilitate working groups within the HR community to share practices or develop skills, or coach groups of managers to develop their team-building skills.

Examples of projects we can undertake:

  • Establish take stock of your human resources practices and define an action plan to strengthen them.
  • Align your human resources policy with your organization's mission.
  • Strengthen your teams' managerial skills to boost your organization's performance.
  • Support the development, cohesion or communication of groups or teams.
  • Promote the sharing of practices and approaches that foster collective intelligence through workshop facilitation and co-development.
  • Build managerial approaches integrating processes adapted to your corporate culture and appropriate development actions (training, coaching...).

Why work with us?

Our coaching and human resources consulting firm is an expert in the development of people and organizations. Our expertise in supporting men and women in business enables us to draw on precise methodologies and approaches. In fact, our team adapts to your needs and uses a variety of tools to help you. 

As part of a process of change and evolution, If, Conseil & Coaching supports its customers in their and improve their professional lives. Combining experience, theory, practice, methodologies and a variety of approaches, customers benefit from comprehensive coaching.

Do you need coaching?

Vous pouvez être accompagné en conseil RH au Luxembourg

As an HR Director or HR Business Partner, it can sometimes be difficult to take stock of a situation and take the time to reflect on it and act accordingly. 

Le coaching permet entre autres de poser un état des lieux des enjeux et problématiques en cours, de les regarder de façon différente ce qui permet d’ouvrir de nouvelles perspectives, de travailler sur soi, son positionnement.  

If you're facing a pivotal moment in your company's history, coaching can help you put in place the actions you need to tackle this change with peace of mind. 

All HR-related topics can be addressed during a coaching session: conflicts, reorganizations, recruitment, decision-making... and we focus on your questions, issues and difficulties to help you find the solutions you need to move forward.

A coach contributes to change, advancement and business transformation. The support and expertise of a coach can benefit both your career and your company. 

Plus d’information sur le conseil RH au Luxembourg

Le coaching peut être individuel ou en équipe selon vos besoins. L’accompagnement se fait sur la durée et peut être dispensé en atelier ou séances individuelles. Le coaching d’équipe offre l’avantage de générer de l’engagement et peut être très utile dans le désamorçage de conflits. Dans le cadre de ce type d’accompagnement, la durée du coaching est déterminée selon les objectifs fixés.

Notre organisme, spécialiste en ressources humaines, vous accompagne tout le long de votre processus, que ce soit pour développer des compétences, résoudre un problème ou encore revoir votre stratégie. If,F Conseil & Coaching propose du coaching mais aussi des bilans de compétences,  des formations à tous les managers, hommes et femmes, ayant profondément envie de développer leur entreprise et eux-mêmes. Et ce quelle que soit la taille des entreprises ou leur secteur d’activité. 

How to find us

Isabelle Ferlin and her expert partners work with customers in Luxembourg, Paris, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


"As part of our expansion and the creation of human resources that this requires, Auchan Retail Luxembourg decided to work with Isabelle to support our management team. This support mobilized our managers, instilled in them the desire to progress and, above all, to help their colleagues progress. As a result, everyone's commitment has been strengthened in order to achieve our ambitions."
Philippe Oger
HR Director Auchan Retail Luxembourg