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If, Conseil & Coaching specializes in coaching companies and individuals. We can help you develop managerial skills, interpersonal communication and personal development. We operate in Luxembourg, Switzerland and France, creating tailor-made training programs.

Major challenges for companies: what do we offer?

You have a day-to-day experience of today's company and its cross-functional organizations, in which collaboration and participative operating methods and where agility is a sought-after skill. A no-brainer! And yet, the success of organizations and their modes of operation depends essentially on interactions and communication between people.

If, Conseil & Coaching offers programs to help youo better understand and live with these challenges and contribute to the success of your organization. We combine a little theory with a lot of practice, traditional and less traditional approaches, coaching and training, drawing on our experience in the field and our expertise in supporting men and women in business.

PragmaticsOur programs are action- and change-oriented, action- and change-oriented, our programs encourage real change in people.

A tailor-made offer

Our strength and added value lies in designing tailor-made programs for our customers. We analyze your needs and challenges, and propose an adapted and innovative solution. This approach enables us to integrate practical case studies specific to your business or sector of activity.

We analyze your needs and challenges, and propose an adapted and innovative solution. This approach allows us to integrate practical cases specific to your business or sector of activity.

Our practice is pragmatic: what's true is what works!

Our pedagogy, based on experimentation through individual, sub-group and group experiential exercises and theoretical input, relies in particular on :

  • multiple approaches: Narrative Practices, Orientations Solutions®, Systematics, Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach, Cardiac Coherence....
  • internationally recognized tools such as MBTI® (personality questionnaire), TKI® used for conflict management, DISC Forces Motrices.

We generally co-lead courses, which enables us to provide personalized support to participants. We can work in both French and English.

Our existing training offer

We offer the following existing programs, tailored to your needs and the people to be trained:

Workshops to share managerial practices

We organize workshops for corporate communities of managers.

The main objectives of these workshops, which can be adapted to your needs:

  • Enable managers to discuss their day-to-day challenges and foster a shared managerial culture.
  • Develop or strengthen managerial skills.
  • Practice a tool in a secure environment facilitated by an experienced coach.

Workshop themes are tailored to your needs, and last from half a day to a full day.

Example of themes covered:

  • Conflict management
  • Difficult conversation
  • Feedback
  • Situational Management

Why choose If, Conseil & Coaching?

We design tailor-made programs for our customers. This enables us to analyze each customer's needs and propose solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Every profession and business sector has different needs.

Isabelle Ferlin, founder, Coach, Trainer, Supervisor and Facilitator, has been involved in personal and corporate development since 1994. Her skills in organization, team management, project management, training and coaching enable her to adapt to any situation. EMCC Master Coach accredited, she also works with gifted adults.

Isabelle Ferlin works with a network of professional partners, selected according to the themes and needs of her customers.

Personal and professional development are therefore at the heart of our training courses, enabling participants to achieve their goals thanks to a tailor-made training method. 

Who is If, Conseil & Coaching for?

You can request training for your company, for managers, experts or executives.

The course is offered both face-to-face and by distance learning, in French or English.

Quality in-company training takes just a few days to assess your needs and objectives. We intervene in a wide range of fields to reinforce your teams' management skills, and boost cohesion, commitment, personal development and communication.

All these training programs are designed to enhance team cohesion, personal and professional development, and management skills, and much more.

Focus on the MBTI® tool

MBTI® is stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a tool developed by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers. The MBTI® is used by over 3.5 million people every year...

The MBTI® takes the form of a self-assessment questionnaire and helps people to :

  • Explore their information and decision-making preferences;
  • Identify where they prefer to focus their attention;
  • Understand how they prefer to live their lives;
  • Clarify their style of working and interacting with people.


The MBTI® tool is based on the personality theory of Carl Jung, who theorized people's preferences. It corresponds to a model with 4 pairs of opposing preferences that indicate how an individual :

  • Draws energy (Extraversion / Introversion),
  • Perceives information (Sensation / intuition),
  • Makes decisions (T (thinking) / F (feeling), 
  • Manages time and space (Judgment / Perception).


Each individual identifies four preferences, one of each pair, which make up his or her "MBTI® type". There are 16 different personality types.

The process of reflection process proposed by using the MBTI® enables you to better understand your own functioning and that of others, and when used in a group: to facilitate communication between team members and strengthen team cohesion.

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